Alvend New Agricultural Experience




Impulsed by the CEO, Mr. Samuel GABORY, and in continuity of the company environmentally friendly philosophy, COSLYS & ALVEND Laboratory are setting out on an agricultural adventure in order to preserve
the biodiversity.

On a site of over 5 hectares and close to the headquarters, this new experimental farm dedicated to organic cultures will offer COSLYS products all the benefits of organic plants and preserved from all sources of pollution: marguerite, calendula, as well as a multitude of other plants for which we will keep you updated.


Preserve the bees

For some years, bees are in danger and their population keeps decreasing dramatically. In addition to the ravages of pesticides, pollution, diseases, parasites and the decreasing quality of their food resources are
important warning signals.

Let us remind you that bees and other pollinating insects reproduce 80% of the plant species by pollination.