In perpetual effervescence, full of projects, our researchers keep current with the latest innovations to always bring quality and more effective products to the customers.

They work in close cooperation with universities, technical centers, competitive  clusters, local extractors, and all of their works are  dictated by accuracy and performance.

One of the projects supported by ALVEND laboratory is about an innovative  extraction technology  of  vegetable actives for which a Patent was registered.

Patrice, R&D


Fruit from long research and development work inside our laboratory, our team of chemists has elaborated a patented innovation that enables the extraction of the whole vegetable active principles of a plant. This method ,which is particularly revolutionary in the field of plants extraction, is based on 3 basic pillars :

  • Extraction method inspired by phototherapy  to reproduce as accurately as possible the "living" matter of plant,
  • Non-polluting eco-extraction (vegetable, non-chemical solvent), eco-friendly vacuum gas extraction,
  • Supporting the local vitality, the extraction proceed was elaborated together with regional companies and associations and the extraction was carried out by local partners.