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For almost 30 years, our group has been designing, producing and distributing cosmetics, personal care and home care products.

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Private label

From a turnkey proposal, to a customized or tailor-made solution, our team of experts will advise you and guide you towards the most suitable solution, according to your business concept, your technical specifications, and your targets.

Made-to-measure solutions

Turnkey solutions

A “ready-to-wear” service – A fast and effective solution. Choose a standard formula & standard packaging to meet your needs as closely as possible while keeping your budget under control.

Customized solutions

A bespoke service – The solution adapted to your needs. Choose a formula to be customized & standard or personalized packaging, for a flexible response to your specifications.

Tailor-made solutions

An “haute-couture” service – The premium solution Choose a tailor-made formula & personalized packaging, for an exclusive solution created for your project.