The company

ALVEND laboratory is a French family business, created in 1995 by Samuel Gabory, in the Loire Valley, to develop and manufacture natural and organic cosmetics and personal care.

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The company

The company is a French success story, catalyzed by Jeanine Gabory – his mother and an activist passionate about nature and medicinal plants since the ’70s. We are creators of excellent French-made cosmetics and have become a French leader in plant biochemistry, also known as green chemistry. This means that we can offer you our organic expertise to support you in your project.

Our Expertise

Designing, formulating, manufacturing, packaging natural and organic-certified products in a sustainable way.

  • Design: from idea to product, our maketing & regulatory team are by your side.
  • Formulation: an R&D department of made up of 6 experts, specializing in natural and organic standards/labels.
  • Manufacturing: flexibility and adapted MOQs.
    – Cosmetics: 8 tanks from 50 kg to 3 tons.
    – Household cleaners: 5 tanks from 3.5 to 10 tons.
  • Packaging: agility and performance. 9 packing lines:
    – Volume: from 10 ml.
    – Packaging type: bottle, tube, jar, airless, bag in box, bulk…

Our Values

French organic-expertise for appealing, innovative and conscious products.
Trusting us also means being involved in our cause for more virtuous products that respect people and the environment :

  • By guaranteeing safe and effective cosmetics.
  • By promoting organic farming to further biodiversity.
  • By reducing the environmental footprint of our activities.
  • Building equitable and lasting relationships.
  • Communicating transparently by refusing greenwashing.

Our CSR Policy

This approach involves all of our business areas, employees and partners, united around a common commitment and 3 pillars:


    – Promotion of Organic Agriculture.
    – Development of agroforestry.
    – Installation of beehives.
    – Organic and concentrated formulas.
    – Cosmebio charter.
    – 100% recycled and 100% recyclable bottles.
    – Refill and bulk systems.
    – BIOED certification.
    – Sorting and upcycling program.
    – Reduction of our consumption (water, energy, etc.).
    – Carbon-neutral objective.
CSR Policy

Our numbers

ALVEND – Your human-scale Laboratory


1 site – 7813 sqms

Soin du corps

Capacity of 20 million units/year


500 + active fomulas


over 25 international collaborations

Our Certifications

We apply the GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practises), developed especially for cosmetics, to all our business areas. We are also ISO 22716-certified to provide you with the guarantee of a proven international standard, in terms of hygiene, safety and continuous improvement of our quality system and procedures. In additionto this, to allow for the labelling and certification of manufactured products, our site is certified by ECOCERT and BUREAU VERITAS for natural or organic criteria.

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Made In France

Made in France is more than just know-how – it means being involved in our local area and an ambassador for the cosmetic industry.

  • With nearly 40 years of experience, our family-owned group, a founding member of COSMEBIO, has extensive knowledge of the market and the distribution of natural and organic products. From a turnkey to personalized or tailor-madesolutions, Alvend positions itself as a creator of added value.
  • To offer you the latest trends, to make you aware of the latest innovations and regulatory developments, we are an active participant within professional associations and international competitiveness clusters.
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Made In France
La ferme de la Chaltrie

the Chaltrie farm

Welcome in our experimental farm. Childhood farm of Samuel Gabory, Founding President of ALVEND Laboratory.

Located in Somloire on 5.5 hectares, the Chaltrie site was created to experiment and produce medicinal plants.

Discover the farm