The Chaltrie farm

Image haut contenu ferme de la Chaltrie

Welcome to our experimental farm – the childhood farm of Samuel Gabory, Founding President of ALVEND Laboratory.

Located in Somloire and covering 5.5 hectares, the Chaltrie site was created to experiment and produce medicinal plants.

Promotion of medicinal plants, with full respect for the environment and biodiversity.

This farm is Organic Agriculture-certified and is made up of crop areas, a poplar plantation, a water body and a manufacturing site allowing the harvesting and processing of nearly 80 species (burdock, blueberry, chamomile , lemon balm, poppy, meadowsweet, sage, marigolds, elderberry, etc.).
We have chosen to combine these crops with the planting of nearly 200 trees of 10 different species, in order to complete the bocage hedges that surround the Chaltrie site. This agroforestry practice makes it possible to use natural synergies to improve the production of the plots. Planting trees and using their biomass restores soil fertility, guarantees the quality and quantity of water and improves biodiversity while reconstituting an ecological framework (natural cycle) by storing carbon. In this way, we are trying to fight climate change at our own level.

image contenu ferme de la chaltrie

Medicinal plants that enhance well-being through aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

Our naturopath helps to select the plants grown at the Chaltrie Farm, before they are incorporated into our formulas.
What is naturopathy? It involves getting to know and listen to our bodies and taking care of them in a natural way to ensure physical and mental well-being.

We take inspiration from the principles of this branch of holistic medecine to design ou formulas and in particular select our aromatherapy (essential oils, aromatic complexes) and phytotherapy products (plants extracts, mother tinctures, infusions, etc.).